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Tease the best NPC in the thriller game

Tease the best NPC in the thriller game

Tease the best NPC in the thriller game

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    Tease the best NPC in the thriller game
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    Turbid wine writer
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    Novel 520
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2023-05-28 17:39:09
Introduction: when the survival game sends out an invitation, others can't avoid it only she was deeply happy and jumped into the abyss excitedly welcome to the abyss game! The winning rules are as follows: 1. Complete the tasks assigned by the supervisor and survive 2. Kill the regulator mission failure, falling into the abyss, death the first task: dissect the zombie rabbit others hesitated. Yu always felt cruel and terrible. The first sister of the abyss game was ruthless. She took up the knife and finished the task in three seconds people: so the appearance of weakness is deceptive when everyone is nervous and struggling to live in the game, Yitong is trying to chase her husband but the problem is, she's after a regulator Yi Tong: you said I could only die in your hands, but you didn't kill me. Do you love me? And want to occupy me Yi: how do you want to die Yi Tong: in bed Yes: Yes if the baby has pain, the baby doesn't say it [proud Supervisor (meiqiang miserable) male vs. cold and ruthless (lack of love for small work) female] in the early stage, the male chases the female, and in the middle stage, the female chases the male. The female's character needs to be buffered and changed in the plot --- treacherous and unpredictable zombie hospital submarine prison of deep sea fans cruel and ferocious human turntable square man adventure in Jurassic world resentful blood red wedding dress --- two-way redemption + unlimited flow + He + all kinds of CP can be knocked. Welcome to the pit!