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The villain Meng Tuan spoiled the daily life

The villain Meng Tuan spoiled the daily life

The villain Meng Tuan spoiled the daily life

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    The villain Meng Tuan spoiled the daily life
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    Wine spirit lamp
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    Only Novel
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2023-01-24 17:33:06
The memory of the awakened girl completely disappeared. In the cold experimental base, she needed to take countless drugs every day she has had enough of living like a puppet. She can get rid of her imprisoned life as long as she runs away the failure of escape made her die at the cold muzzle of the gun. Her strong desire for survival summoned the system can you revive after completing the task what task stop the doomsday and eliminate the evil villains the huge temptation made her sign a contract, but she didn't know she was deeply involved in a huge conspiracy System: the host is the villain Wen Chi: are you sure? Is this skinny refugee child the evil villain you call destroying the world System: Yes! Villains are very dangerous and will lose their lives at any time. The host must be careful villain: are you my mother Wen Chi: Er... I'm your father villain: Dad, why don't you pee standing Wen Chi: "..." villain: Mom, I'm hungry and want to eat bread Wen Chi: she despised the drooling villain. Who wants this child! Only ten yuan villain: Mom... Mom, don't leave me, okay Wen Chi: she looks at the villain indifferently, but you are a villain!!! Don't pretend to be pathetic. No one will sympathize with you system, is this spoiled thing the villain we're looking for System: ha... Ha ha, there may be some misunderstanding PS: revenge, redemption, Shuangjie, 1v1.

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