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Elder martial sister, she changed her sect

Elder martial sister, she changed her sect

Elder martial sister, she changed her sect

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    Elder martial sister, she changed her sect
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    Sky Book
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2023-04-04 21:01:36
Yue Qiran is the eldest martial sister of minglanzong. She has contracted almost all the major and minor affairs in the door. From the cultivation of younger martial brothers and sisters to the income expenses in the door, it took more than 200 years to finally cultivate a second martial brother with beautiful scenery, a third martial brother who is famous for his piano skills, and a fourth martial sister who dares to love, hate and hold a sword just as she was relieved to put down her feather duster and account book and was ready to practice in isolation, younger martial sister Lian Qingzhou came she is weak and boneless. She loves to do good. First, she saved the eldest disciple of the Demon Lord in the demon world, resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries among the disciples in the sect. Then, she hurt the disciples of the friendly sect in order to save the next mortal, which brought many disasters to the sect Yue Qiran picked up the feather duster in her hand as usual after dealing with these things, but unexpectedly - second younger martial brother: elder martial sister, it's too vicious and will bite her back sooner or later third younger martial brother: elder martial sister, younger martial sister is still young. How can you treat her like this? It really makes younger martial brother lose hope Fourth younger martial sister: younger martial sister, don't be afraid, stand behind her, Elder martial sister protects you later, her reputation is polluted. In order to prove her innocence and abandon her accomplishments, she jumped off the cliff and completely broke all relations with the sect when she returned again, she was still the eldest martial sister, but not the martial sister of Ming lanzong PS: The hostess is not a good man in the traditional sense!!!

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