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Fast wearing girl with everything

Fast wearing girl with everything

Fast wearing girl with everything

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    Fast wearing girl with everything
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    Olfactory fir
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    Passion Novel
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At the beginning of her life, she is independent and likes to enjoy good food and clothes. What she loves most is herself. The most annoying words are "loss is happiness", "those who can do more work" and "sacrifice themselves for others". Therefore, no matter what identity she passes through, no matter whether her memory is complete or not, she should live according to her own heart, so she should not be a stepping stone and cannon fodder woman to complete others 1. If you become a tool man, the stepmother of the prime minister and the man's best friend should conscientiously be a vicious stepmother and interfere in the marriage of your stepchildren? No, no, no, Shi Chu said that it's not good to be a rich stepmother who waits for death and doesn't care about everything 2. Dressed as a selfless stepmother in the text of the times, he is tired and sick, and he has to train all four stepchildren to become talents. Next to him, there is a reborn woman who is eyeing and vowing to rob the stepmother's husband and talent stepchildren? Take it, take it! Shi Chu is eager to give it to her, so he won't take this hot potato. Isn't it good to cherish himself with the spirit of cultivating other people's children 3. When her husband, a senior general, died on the battlefield, he didn't care about his wife and children, but it's a pity that he didn't get married with Bai moonlight. The first thing in his life is to go and find Bai moonlight? Get out of here! At the beginning of the time, she said that this kind of ungrateful and reckless man who abandoned his wife and son would not serve anyone who wanted it! what? Who won't give up his wife? This is impossible< br> ……

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