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Those things about Immortals

Those things about Immortals

Those things about Immortals

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1715 ratings
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    Those things about Immortals
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    Moon Lanqing
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    Woske Novel
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2023-01-24 16:08:45
One year ~ looking at the traitor and loser who was trampled under her feet and longed for power, she proudly raised her hair and said, "I was born a female monarch, at a height you can't see after climbing half your life!" the person under her feet vomited old blood, broke her hands and feet, and had to open her mouth and bite her to death this kind of fist can hurt the heart without hands, she believes one year ~ a little flower was performing her delicate and moving cough... She pulled the clothes under her neck, lifted her messy hair, walked out of someone's room, looked at xiaojiaohua disdainfully, and came to the person who tightened her clothes and surrounded her seeing Xiaojiao flower wither successfully, this invisible fist can crush other people's internal injuries. She also loves it when she was young ~ she was in a desperate situation and killed there well, I'll feed you and follow me later to fill your stomach unexpectedly, the big tail wolf was born. It doesn't matter who raised who. Who is the man who laughs? Who is the one who has slept with him for hundreds of years don't talk! Let me chop it first wait! Your highness wants to refute. Who dragged me into the water< br> …… ……

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