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Black moonlight redemption diary

Black moonlight redemption diary

Black moonlight redemption diary

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    Black moonlight redemption diary
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2023-01-09 02:48:49
Group images / Xuanhuan gaowu / Duoma Jiaduo reversal nvqiang / doubles / crematorium the collapse of the dynasty, the turmoil in Kyushu, and the number of dead souls pouring into the underworld and duling city is increasing. In order to investigate the disappearance of people's names in the life and death book, yuelianchen, the leader of duling City, was ordered to re-enter the Jianghu in the Central Plains, the lost amazing skill never reappears. Recalling the past, yuelianchen, the first swordsman who was famous all over the world, left a bloody legend with the twelve style yuejiandao technique. Now, who is inheriting the knife for her in order to resist alien invasion, the moon lotus dust tossed the layout of all parties. After the game in the dark was exposed, everyone became her chess piece. Yuelianchen, who showed her wisdom and strength, was chased and killed by the cultivation world for no reason. She went deep into the enemy territory without knowing the truth, but saw an unexpected scene originally, the beginning of the story was just a bet. A refined blind man, a handsome madman, is the most indifferent tenderness and the most affectionate ruthlessness yunheyi: "madam, you forgot to count me in this game?" moon lotus dust: "I have no such evil taste." cloud crane clothes: "are you willing to lose?" yuelianchen: "this time, I don't take the world as a chess game, not ordinary people as a chess game, not to win, but only to protect students." therefore, the two intelligences united and the villains cried bitterly Food Guide: 1. Fighting wits and martial arts is fun. The main plot 2. 1v1, he yuelianchen: people are beautiful, cruel, chaotic and kind, good at restraining first and then raising the desperate situation and killing yunheyi: deep affection is not worth chaos and neutrality, and good at secretly arranging long-line fishing

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