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Green tea bosses don t talk about martial virtue

Green tea bosses don t talk about martial virtue

Green tea bosses don t talk about martial virtue

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    Green tea bosses don t talk about martial virtue
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    Macarone chokes
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    Pc Books
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[the female leader is reborn + traversed. She likes to dress green tea, talk vicious, and revenge. Her favorite way of revenge is to treat someone in his own way.] night clothes, a special girl with heavenly eyes the first was tortured by heavenly eyes the second was scared to death by fierce ghosts before he could enjoy it. His soul pierced the world and became a rare and powerful soul caster when you wake up again, all the scenes return to the origin Jun Jingyan, a noble childe who was originally lost by Yin evil Qi I don't like night clothes. I always want to bully her and try to tear open her disguise of green tea, but I often return in vain and even get killed after you like night clothes, you can drag them from Crazy tyrants and cool to coquettish and sell cute clothes. They are pitiful, seamlessly connected and blind the eyes of all the children of the aristocratic family... copybook 1 yeshang smiled badly and took out the puppet paper man, "he said he wanted to hug and hold high, you can help him!" Jun Jingyan, who was hugged and held high by the puppet, had no love on his face, looked at yeshang pitifully, and his voice was gentle, "Shangshang, people are so afraid ~" ... copybook 2 yeshang: "I suddenly found that you look just like that. There's nothing protruding!" Jun Jingyan's alarm bell is loud, "in fact, I have a place that protrudes. Don't you find it?" night clothes, "where does it protrude?" Jun Jingyan proudly raises his chin, "of course, the tail protrudes!" the tail can be raised to the sky, can it not protrude?