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Quick wear female emperor into God plan

Quick wear female emperor into God plan

Quick wear female emperor into God plan

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    Quick wear female emperor into God plan
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    Bamboo Southern candle
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    Passion Novel
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2023-02-23 10:00:10
With the world outlook, the new book "weak Tao bullying heaven" has been issued. Please support the master of the poison doctor died early, and the system King squatted on her, abducted her and led her into the forbidden abyss The Zombie world is the emperor, the entertainment circle is the favorite, the supernatural world has opened a medical school, the Republic of China in troubled times, the animal world adventure, deep-sea monster fighting, and the war is numerous... What if someone secretly hurt her? The answer was: "anti killing." the female emperor was cold and ruthless: "what is the suffering of the client? The gods and demons in the world can't be trusted. When they die, they have nothing..." the female emperor was strong and overbearing: "the land under my feet, my field. Understand?" the interests were contrary and the plans were inconsistent. Only the land was divided and each acted in its own way.

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