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Evil lotus Chi

Evil lotus Chi

Evil lotus Chi

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    Evil lotus Chi
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    Jiang Yi
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2023-03-17 18:51:22
Who will pick up the flowers the origin and extinction it is difficult to make a transition resist the previous life's resentment open the void abandon the broken soul call people / Honglian Pavilion / the high tower is built to seize the axe, which is a natural work, and the whole body is scarlet. Look closely, the dark bricks and tiles are covered with vermilion. They are inlaid with blood brick stones into the shape of small red lotus. They have different shapes, ranging from blooming to budding with the high tower as the core, it extends to the four directions, and nine pavilions are built. The flirtatious red yarn also falls on the edge. There is a slight breeze. The red yarn is ethereal, like a graceful woman standing in the pavilions and dancing the black tiles on the top of the pavilion are also inlaid with blood diamond stones, also in the shape of red lotus -- Chapter "crossing the edge stream, the Lord of the red lotus" the red lotus Pavilion is by no means an ordinary person who can also come. If you don't feel great sorrow and suffering, people in chaos don't come here to seek the last glimmer of hope barter. This is not the other thing. You need to exchange it for the most precious and bitter host February 2017 twenty-six

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