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The imperial daughter of the regiment is reborn

The imperial daughter of the regiment is reborn

The imperial daughter of the regiment is reborn

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    The imperial daughter of the regiment is reborn
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    Green firefly star
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    Yipin Books
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2023-01-25 05:31:50
Born in the imperial family, she is the only princess in the Dachang Dynasty. Her father is the empress of her mother. She has three thousand imperial palaces. There are compatriots and two brothers on her. She should have been the favorite of the throne, but... the guilty daughter Dongfang mingchan doesn't know grace and disrespects her father and brother; Second, the crime of ignorance of heaven and earth and contempt for life; Three sins are not clear, wrong to pay the truth if everything can come back, her father and emperor, her brother and her people... She will give everything and protect it to the end after rebirth - the gentle eldest brother: "Oh, my sister collided with others again? Then please ask them to stay in the palace of hell and don't be angry with the princess." Ao Jiao's second son: "what's the use of raising these historians? My sister hugged me and didn't go down in history!" the tyrant Lao Tzu: "the jade seal is made of Yin jade and is naturally cool. It's sent to the princess to relieve the summer." a male leader (?): "I'm the maid of the princess, aren't I?" ask: has the princess become a waste today? a little aunt: "bastard! How dare you let the princess walk in person!" Dongfang mingchan: "?!"

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