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Second engagement

Second engagement

Second engagement

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    Second engagement
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    The last one came later
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2023-01-24 20:13:17
There is no Huo Xiaobei in the world since then, Wu Shen is a passer-by once you enter a rich family, you are as deep as the sea since then, you are an old friend in the Jianghu Xiaogu: "we are no longer possible, Huo Xiaobei." Wu Shen: "then change your identity to love you." Hilarious, affectionate and humorous, sweet real life and cruel heart unique and fluent plot plot: the female owner Gu ningdai was unanimously excluded by the family, and went through twists and turns to counter attack to regain her position and plot popular means the post-90s girl friend tiantuan had marital affairs one after another the game of catching adultery and divorce, the workplace game of single mothers the female owner did not agree with the lace news The only son of Huo Xiaobei, the male leader, bravely chases after a divorced female screenwriter "love you in another identity" is overbearing, serious and counselled who says divorce has no future, who has no true love in the era of second marriage in an era of cross flow of material desires, as long as you dare to be yourself, you will always meet sunny days

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