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Fang sir, please sign for divorce

Fang sir, please sign for divorce

Fang sir, please sign for divorce

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    Fang sir, please sign for divorce
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    Plaid worm
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    Light Novel
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Doesn't she just want a divorce he didn't love her anyway, did he but - why is it so difficult for him to sign< Three years ago, she was kidnapped and blackmailed and saved by him. As soon as the black cloth over her eyes was pulled away, he looked like an aurora at first sight, which lit up the rest of her life his strong arms carried her away from the place where she was imprisoned. From that moment on, she willingly imprisoned herself in his arms she was infatuated with his appearance and his warmth. In order to be with him, she put aside women's reserve and her pride and took the initiative to propose to him he agreed she always knew that he had something to ask for when he approached her. However, she had Su Wanxin's face, appearance and enough money. Even if he asked for a little, she could afford it as everyone knows, what he asked from beginning to end was not what she thought, but... ----- Su Wanxin, the first lady in Jinxiu city and the only daughter of the richest Su city, married her life-saving benefactor Fang Linghan. The prosperous wedding was hosted by the woman and had unlimited scenery no one can match Jinxiu city in the past ten years however, the scenery was short, but three years later, Su Wanxin finally covered her husband's cold heart. She decided to divorce Fang Linghan PS: great abuse hurts the body and small abuse brings happiness. In this paper, small abuse, be careful to enter the pit, but you won't lose if you enter the pit, (#^. ^ #)

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