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It s not easy to be a princess

It s not easy to be a princess

It s not easy to be a princess

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    It s not easy to be a princess
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    Qiao Mei is very good at cooking
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    Happy Novel
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2023-01-24 11:23:25
Because of the court's crackdown on businessmen, even if Lu Huabao had a rich family to inherit, he was not happy. She has had a dream since she was young. In her dream, she accepted the reality, went into business peacefully and recruited a redundant son-in-law, but accidentally fell into the trap of a traitor, became a scapegoat and was executed. She didn't believe in evil at first, but her life gradually coincided with her dream, and she couldn't stop it no matter how hard she tried. So she decided to go another way, be a man and get rid of the status of a merchant. Just like this world, it's easy for the merchant's daughter to change her fate. By chance, she became a woman of a small Duke. Others say she should be satisfied, but she won't!

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