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White moonlight in adult Devon

White moonlight in adult Devon

White moonlight in adult Devon

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    White moonlight in adult Devon
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    Dead branch wine
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    Vchale Novel
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2023-03-31 19:57:12
Qiao Qiaozhi fell into the water accidentally to save people. After waking up from the drowning, she found that she had become a white moonlight woman with the same name and surname as her in Shiwen the white moonlight is destined to be frost on the ground the white moonlight woman in the article disliked the poor and loved the rich. She couldn't hook up with the educated youth from the village. She turned and married the rich man in the city. Who knew that her husband was a violent man. Finally, white moonlight died white moonlight girl? She's wrong please stand aside from male owners, educated youth and domestic violence men she just wants to get rich and lead her family to live a good life with good food and clothes but the existence of white moonlight is a symbol of beauty. What if the man is too nice to her - Xu Mo is a poor man as a child. He can't even eat food is the most precious thing for him Qiao Qizhi is his life-saving benefactor. In order to repay his life-saving kindness, he sent food she didn't ask for pheasants; She didn't ask for wild fruit; She didn't ask for fungus; She didn't want to send wild boars... since she didn't want any of these, he had to promise each other by example [gentle and lovely fairy vs lonely, cold and pitiful]

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