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The group pet cub was spoiled by five fathers

The group pet cub was spoiled by five fathers

The group pet cub was spoiled by five fathers

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    The group pet cub was spoiled by five fathers
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    Mu lune
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    Passion Novel
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2023-05-25 20:43:02
The quasi God xiaocute tea is going to experience in the small world big dad is not at ease. He has not only changed the task content, but also projected his own separation in every world he has experienced accompanied by Uncle Xiaobai of the system everyone feels that their arrangement must be foolproof but what I never expected was that I didn't know what had happened. All the dads from the five experience worlds gathered in one world Xiaobai of the system: "baby, big things are bad! The task is more difficult!" Cha Cha: "but Uncle Xiaobai, isn't dad here to help me with the task?" the system is silent:... I'm speechless cha Cha feels that I'm right later... No. 1 BA's chief father: "tea and tea live with me." No. 2 doctor's father: "go with me for a general examination first." No. 3 top class father: "tea and tea go to the program with dad?" No. 4 National Teacher's father: "cultivate your body and nature with me." No. 5 major general's father: "come and train your body with dad." Tea wants to cry without tears: "Uncle Xiaobai! There are too many dads. Tea and tea can't care about Lala Wuwu!" a well protected wolf cub: too many little cute dads are also a kind of harm to me!

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