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Lord Li, Tuan Chong s wife Lu ziye

Lord Li, Tuan Chong s wife Lu ziye

Lord Li, Tuan Chong s wife Lu ziye

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    Lord Li, Tuan Chong s wife Lu ziye
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    Climbing the clouds to catch the moon
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    Mountain Book
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2023-01-25 07:22:01
Cheng Weiyue is the daughter of Ye's parents, but her surname is not ye. Since she was sent out of the door of Ye's house at the age of six, she has nothing to do with the Ye family I wanted to kill cattle in the back kitchen of my restaurant, but I didn't want to live a small life. Unexpectedly, she needed her to stop the disaster when the child was in trouble. She needed her help when her aunt was abused, and her brother didn't get up to speed. She needed her instruction... Kill the head of the cattle well, and then dragged a barking Li Qiye from the dead cattle sack and robbed her clothes, He also held her small pistol... Cheng Weiyue was as fierce as a tiger, but unexpectedly, he pressed the gourd again, and the Ye family didn't stop. He was so stupid that he wanted to calculate her and compete with her for the inheritance of sesame and mung beans... Cheng Weiyue was black and his eyes were full of fire. Since they all came to the door, let them have a good time and clean up the unworthy children for grandma, After cleaning up the green tea mother and daughter for her mother, the world has been clear since then... wait, it seems that someone has been staring at herself... "what's your look? Take it back." Cheng Weiyue threw a knife eye at her "ah!" seven master Li, who eats people and doesn't vomit bones, was as clever as a dog. He calculated to take back the hot girl in front of him and shut him in the room for good education

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