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Sick lotus, don t mess with you

Sick lotus, don t mess with you

Sick lotus, don t mess with you

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    Sick lotus, don t mess with you
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    Young Third Master
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    Free Novel!
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2022-06-23 15:11:57
Everyone in the city has seen that the three girls in Wanfu are beautiful, kind, pure and good-looking, and have a red face only Ning Chenyu has seen her. She steps on the corpse, holds a sharp sword and is covered with blood, just like the king of hell everyone in the city knows that Lord Funing, the Duke of Xiaoyao, is a scholar with a jade tree facing the wind, gentle as jade and no strength to bind chickens only wan MuQing knows that he is a big tail wolf with heavy mind, sinister and cunning, hidden in a smile and unfathomable everyone in the city said that there were twenty or two of the three girls in Wanfu. They were still waiting in the boudoir and stayed at home. They were a tuberculosis ghost who couldn't get married but only Ning Chenyu knows that he is a medicine jar haunted by sick ghosts during the day and a madman possessed by evil ghosts at night everyone in the city sighs that Lord Ning of Xiaoyao Marquis house has passed the age of weak crown, and there is still no one to feed. Waiting for one person, he is a rare infatuated person in the world only wan MuQing knows that he is a hypocrite who talks nonsense during the day and a prodigal son who talks nonsense at night originally, he and he, one is the noble heavenly lotus in spring, the other is the withered peony in autumn, have nothing to do with each other but with a bizarre case of corpse shredding, a divine Yin order to reproduce the world, a volume of Tathagata Sutra to spy on the secret of heaven, and a blood clotting bead that can produce all things, the fate of the two people is closely entangled........ the Jianghu is surging and the Imperial court is turbulent. What is the truth

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