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Wild king, shall we fall in love

Wild king, shall we fall in love

Wild king, shall we fall in love

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    Wild king, shall we fall in love
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    Deer crow under the moon
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    Long Novel
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2022-12-01 17:41:52
[love cookies in the skin of E-sports] CV dubbing rich woman's sister x-e-sports professional "milk dog" WEI Lai, who has lofty words and aspirations, accidentally swore love at first sight to 19-year-old professional E-sports player after he was used to romance and hatred, and then quickly staged a large scene of "he ran away and she couldn't fly after him" in Weilai's heart: Chen vowed to be simple and pitiful, easy to cheat, serious, hard-working and good tempered in other people's hearts: Chen vows to bear grudges, has a black belly, a cold face, a smelly face and a devil's face one night, when they finally succeeded in holding hands, Chen vowed to press Wei Lai against the wall. Leng Buding heard a sentence: "sister, do you want to solve your greedy?" which made Wei Lai suddenly realize, impressed and repent.