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Thick ink color none

Thick ink color none

Thick ink color none

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    Thick ink color none
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    The little bear fell to the ground
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    The One Book
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2022-08-06 09:07:20
She was the unique girl of the Phoenix family who shouldered the heavy responsibility of fighting the curse, but she was sacrificed by the people to the so-called "God" candle Jiuyin after her reincarnation, she was an unknown baby in Danxue village. After only ten days of birth, a large group of people came to kneel down to meet her she is Xiaoman, a girl who grew up in the palm of the Qiong family. After witnessing the collapse of the family, she is determined to destroy the revenge girl of the rose family she is the heavenly daughter admired by all people in Xiping country and was honored as a guest of honor by the emperor she is also a sacred object nailed to the tablet in Nanzhen country, so as to protect the water and soil safety of Nanzhen country then, she became the abandoned Yifeng and the unselected Yifeng, and she no longer shoulder the great task of extinguishing candles and nine Yin of the Phoenix family my sister's failure to kill God, combined with the candle nine Yin, has become the biggest threat in the history of the Phoenix family she failed she was covered with bruises and blood. Lying on the ground, she couldn't beat the so-called "God" but her people's lives are in jeopardy. Will she watch them disappear in front of her this time the leader of the cloud room hall is a woman she wants to find all the possibilities to defeat the candle nine Yin, whether it is the treasure of heaven and earth that can be found only by crossing the mountains or the God and man trapped in prison, she is willing to try her best to find it on this day, I'm always willing to give her a heavy rain.

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