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Divine bow and imperial concubine

Divine bow and imperial concubine

Divine bow and imperial concubine

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    Divine bow and imperial concubine
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    Afternoon sunshine
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2023-01-13 12:57:18
When I went to Huacheng for a surprise banquet, I saw the beauty of the prosperous world. It said that Nalan Rongjin had an incomparable appearance. She was a beauty the flowers fall into the royal city brocade family yard. There is courage in the rich nest. It is also Nalan Rongjin. When he was three years old, he came back with a peerless husband, a peerless flower ten years of wealth and honor are like clouds and clouds, and the cultivation of human soul is the same. It is still Naran Rongjin. The strength of awakened human soul has not changed for ten years, and the waste material is the original the beauty of heaven and man, peerless appearance, talent of the world, and evil talent are all about the emperor's grandson Dugu Yunqing. Everyone lamented that the people in the high sun above the cloud were dragged down to the altar by Nalan Rongjin only they know each other. Once they meet, they win countless people in the world little wonderful: "don't you want to return the Fengpei?" the girl asked "they want it." the boy calmly threw the pot "you don't like it?" the girl was aggressive the young man bent down and whispered, and then smiled. There is no real color in the world the girl was pink when she heard the speech.

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