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After being sacrificed, I blasphemed the evil god

After being sacrificed, I blasphemed the evil god

After being sacrificed, I blasphemed the evil god

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    After being sacrificed, I blasphemed the evil god
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    The palace is slightly fat
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2022-08-06 00:31:20
After wearing a book, the beginning is a wedding dress lying in the coffin next to a man who is beautiful and evil the man slowly opened his eyes and stared at her expressionless: "woman, who are you?" Yan Xixi glanced at each other's bridegroom's clothes, "probably, it's your bride?" man: "what's the bride? Can you eat?" Yan Xixi shrunk his head: "no, not very." "can you play?" "neither can you." "then get out!" "Oh, OK." It is said that the dark god, who can only bring death and killing, was also the God of light that people like to worship many years ago. but later, when the light is gone and lasts forever, he has become the dark god that everyone fears and dislikes. people sacrifice a little bride to the God for greed and wake up the dark god who has been sleeping for several years. the dark god failed to hold the coffin board and the little bride ran away The God doesn't love the world. He only loves his own bride. You are my God, my light and salvation. Wait, where is my bride? # ~ Yanxi is systematically brought into the world in the book as "saving the God" when the task was completed, she went back to reality and redeemed her memory. Only then did she know that the dark god is the God of her country. The so-called world in the book is actually a return to the past. # God, I have desecrated the God. I am ashamed and hope to get your forgiveness # the God turned the light black and shut you in the small black room! CLICK! The small black room has been locked with 18 locks!