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Love me once in a thousand

Love me once in a thousand

Love me once in a thousand

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    Love me once in a thousand
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    A modest gentleman is as gentle as a jade
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    Beauty Read
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2022-07-13 07:19:55
After seven years of love marathon, her boyfriend Gu Qianqian prepared a surprise for her: flowers, diamond rings and a proposal< Br> but why should all this romance be carried out on the road? Surprise turned into surprise. A sudden car accident took away the young man who was immersed in proposing to his girlfriend< Br> after her boyfriend died, Xin Qiao was in tears all day. When she was in a trance due to hunger strike, she met the goddess. The other Party promised her that as long as she could make guqianqian fall in love with her onethousand and one times in the parallel world, the goddess would go back to the time before the accident< Br> facing the fear of the unknown world, it is not worth mentioning under the pain of losing her boyfriend. Xin Qiao resolutely accepted the challenge.

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