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Lust for her

Lust for her

Lust for her

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    Lust for her
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    It's UU
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    Garden Novel
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2022-07-12 09:46:50
1 The first meeting with a handsome man was on that day< Br> Lin Shixi accidentally stepped on his foot. He wanted to ask him if he was all right, but he wanted to say sorry first. As a result, Leng blurted out: "it's boring."< Br> Shen Huang: "< Br> the handsome man finally straightened up and looked at her with his eyelashes down< Br> -- what do you want< Br> -- why don't you jump on my feet< Br> 2 The second intersection is when she goes to help her friend get a handsome guy< Br> when Lin Shixi was nervous, he turned the QR code into a personal collection code< Br> Shen Wu paused and looked at her incorrectly: "you asked me about wechat, and you still charged me money?"< Br> linshixi: "... Ah?"< Br> Shen Wang: "classmate, what are you doing?"< Br> 3 After a long time, Lin Shixi found out that this young master, who was dragged like 250000 yuan, was actually wearing the beautiful girl warrior clothes she gave him. "< Br> at that time, Shen Wang leaned against the door frame to look at her, still looking like he was pulling and proud< Br> "I'm such a man. For your sake, I even wear beautiful girl soldiers' clothes." Shen said falsely and raised his eyebrows. He couldn't help laughing in a low voice: "Lin Shixi, I have made a great sacrifice. Don't refuse to admit it."< Br> 1v1 sweet words and forest time × Shen Huang Yunchuan

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