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Alien female escort

Alien female escort

Alien female escort

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    Alien female escort
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    A little fireworks
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    Only Novel
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2022-06-23 08:24:47
She, a national champion of women's Sanda in the 21st century, was hated by others because she was not sociable. She took advantage of her family's coercion and entered the underground boxing hall to fight black boxing. Unfortunately, she died< Br> Maybe God has mercy on her fate. Her soul has passed through the world, and she is attached to the legitimate eldest lady who is in charge of a famous escort agency! Well, professional counterparts, there is a play< Br> however, who can tell her why the eldest daughter of an escort agency was judged by the so-called experts to be a poor martial arts waster at birth. She was still born! I was born to be regarded as an abandoned son by the family. How can I play with this< Br> it's not over yet. It's said that when she was still in her womb, she was married to a child by another famous local scholar family, the Shen family! The reason why she was not divorced because she was an abandoned son of the family was that the eldest young master of the Shen family who was engaged to her was also an abandoned son of the family who was branded "Crazy" by experts< Br> the two families use the marriage of two abandoned sons to get what they need! But what will happen when this waste material of martial arts training and that of literature learning collide with each other< Br> let's wait and see!

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