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Quick wear Moyan s good luck system

Quick wear Moyan s good luck system

Quick wear Moyan s good luck system

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    Quick wear Moyan s good luck system
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    Strawberry flavored evil crow
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    Yipin Books
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2022-10-05 14:19:51
Mo Yan is a good boy in the eyes of his elders. He doesn't smoke, drink alcohol, fight, swear or enter Internet cafes... Although his IQ is extraordinary 180, he is either seriously ill or accidentally injured in the next exam. There are no duck eggs in the field. He is a master who can plug his teeth when drinking water. Imagine that there is probably no more unlucky person than him in the world cough... He can be regarded as a handsome five good-looking young man without these unlucky as he was, he broke the 58 year old wine cup of my dear dad's collection because of a mistake, and was snapped through by his beautiful kiss dad. When he started, he said it was for his good when he woke up again, he became Mo Yan, the thirteenth son of the protoss son mussang. Forget it, the thirteen young is still a decadent genius with a 6-year-old child and a 20-year-old soul? Mo Yan swallowed his tears into his stomach that's enough. With the good attitude of being at ease when you come, you don't want to inexplicably bind the good luck system. This thing has no plug-in and no IQ. It's as pitiful as ink. It can't escape his law of bad luck even through the beginning who gave your face such a lucky name do you want to have an affair with your brother? I can't do it with a single straight dog! God, you might as well let me just click What are you talking about?! If you don't complete the task, you will be reincarnated for 99 generations. The world is unlucky, and the last unlucky soul will be wiped out? no I suddenly feel very comfortable. Please let me hold your thigh, my dear brother!

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