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The little rose of the movie emperor s house

The little rose of the movie emperor s house

The little rose of the movie emperor s house

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    The little rose of the movie emperor s house
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    Wu qianluo
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    Long Novel
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2022-07-01 04:04:56
[this story is purely fictional. If there are similarities, it is purely coincidental!] ZHONG Shuyi never thought that he was arranged a blind date by his parents who were far away in Antarctica when he just graduated originally, she refused. In order to cut off her parents' broken thoughts, she had to reluctantly agree on the day of the blind date, after Zhong Shu got his opinion on the blind date, he felt MMP unsure whether to speak properly or not Qin Luochuan's debut as a teenager is approaching this year, but he is still the dream lover of millions of female fans since his debut, he has never admitted any relationship, although there have been many rumors as a result, one day, the paparazzi suddenly burst out a video in which Qin Yingdi was squatting to tie shoes for a little girl after the two were made public, Qin Luochuan posted a microblog with only two photos. One was that he was wearing a junior high school uniform and holding a seven or eight year old girl under a camphor tree in the school, and the other was the latest photo of him holding his little girl then a pile of girlfriend powder all turned into CP powder.

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