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Rebirth wife powder: AI Dou secretly loves me

Rebirth wife powder: AI Dou secretly loves me

Rebirth wife powder: AI Dou secretly loves me

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    Rebirth wife powder: AI Dou secretly loves me
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    Coral vine
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    Woske Novel
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2022-08-05 17:04:58
The first beauty and the first herbalist in the cultivation world has returned from the cultivation world from then on, those who bullied her, insulted her, trampled on her, trampled her into the mud and killed her officially began their journey to hell in his previous life, Tang Yuyi was the real daughter of the Jiang family and was maliciously exchanged at birth at first, her adoptive parents abused her! Crush her later, her biological parents ignored her! Abandon her! Fake daughter humiliated her! Frame her She humbly flattered everyone, but others trampled her under their feet and abused her wantonly! Until she died alone in the rental house before she died, she fondled the poster of her idol's seal Feng Yan is her only warmth when she moves forward in hell! The only light it's a pity that he is such a good man that he is tortured by a terminal disease she is unwilling when you open your eyes after swallowing your breath, you have reached the cultivation world three hundred years later, Tang Yuyi was struck back to the modern rental house by a thunder. It was the moment when she died three hundred years ago. Tang Yu, who has returned to God, is very happy. Aidou's disease has been cured since then, Tang Yuyi has developed a life of crossing the medical community, pursuing idols, beating scum and dominating the world in her hands, there is no incurable disease what?! Slag father and slag mother fake daughter got a terminal illness and cried bitterly. Please forgive her and ask her for treatment? But fuck you!